Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Autofill Web Auction House form and undercut the similar auction by 1g

So I was really tired of always filling out and tabbing the form to post my auctions at lunch. I decided to write a script that can be executed in the chrome console and will fill & undercut my competition. Below is the script, just open the chrome JavaScript console and paste it in after selecting your item, quantity and duration. If there is a similar auction in the house it will fill out your fields to be 1g cheaper.

what it does not do
set quantity, time length options, actually post the auctions

what it does do
fills out the 6 form fields so you don't have to set the gold silver and copper

to access the console you paste the code in:
while you have an item selected to sell with qty and time established, use the following to open the console in chrome:
[ctrl] + [shift] + i

Then past the following in and hit enter:


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